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In 1958 Renzo Targi, the current Chairman of Pan Urania S.p.A., decided to set up a woodworking company.

Based on that experience and with an eye to the market evolution, in 1979 we started the discontinuous production of polyurethane foamed panels for the prefabricated buil­ding industry.

The success of our strategies allowed us to have an early Eu­ropean vision of our company and we extended our intere­sts to the sector of cold storage rooms first and then to the one of acoustic insulation.

Focused on research and innovation, during the 90’s we have been working on the development of acoustic barriers for highways and railroads and on the production of glued panels with mineral wool to be used in the building of clean rooms: as a result our portfolio of customers became more and more international.

In spite of Nostradamus prophecy, in the year 2000 we have been increasingly committed to the research and development of new tech­nologies and more and more focused on offe­ring new ideas and solutions to the market like non-combustible and high fire resistance panels, as well as new products for clean ro­oms like aluminum honeycomb panels.

During the last years we have been keeping on developing our innovative spirit searching for new and technologically advanced materials and solutions like for example roofing panels for photo­voltaic system integration, always paying attention to market changing needs.

Still with the aim to use new materials and to create new products we have developed the Panhouse project.

A new method to build houses based on our self-bearing panels.

An ambitious project which has immediately generated a great interest in the world market and which has gained considerable appreciation.

Our philosophy is not just to sell a product but we bring so­lutions to our customers and it’s for this reason that we de­fine ourselves the “Panels tuscan artisans” and this is what enables us to work world wide.

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